Monday, December 10, 2007


If I could give advice to the upcoming classes in English 304 that will be taking it with Ms. Rogers I would say, have fun! Ms. Rogers is a great teacher that loves what she is doing and reflects that in class very well. English 304 is not the most exciting class in the world but Ms. Rogers makes it very interesting by the biggest assignment dealing with a web page that the whole class contributes to. The cool thing about the web page is that it is not just for class, the client we converse with actually uses it for their business. This class is a great way to understand how a business works and what type of documents are preferred by many employers. Do all of your assignments in this class and try to make it worth your while and you will do great!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I am going to use my blog this week to complain an explain why finals week is the worst weeks of the year. Most people already know that the week of finals is horrible, dreadful and pretty much makes u want to quit college. I would like to give a few ways that might help the scary week and make it a little more, well, not scary. I think that Clemson University should give at the least 3 days off of school to start studying before finals. I don't think it is fair to start the Saturday before the week. That is probably the worst thing the school could do. Boo to the school. I love Clemson but what a dumb idea. I also believe that if a student has two finals on one day they should have the right to switch it to a more convenient day to at least give them a try at making a good grade. Some things should change during the week of finals. Another thing that makes this time scary is the word... CUMULATIVE... what a scary word. One of the biggest reliefs in a college students life is knowing your final is not cumulative, hurray for the teacher. Well for the next week i will be preparing to make really good grades on finals, god knows i need to!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Friend or Foe?

The article that was given for us to read, I believe is very common and very smart in a successful company. How do you know if who you are hiring will get along with your present business or employees? When interviewing a candidate for your business it is hard for managers to learn about the character of the interviewee without asking personal questions which in turn might be crossing the line in the interview process. The part of the article that explains where a company had a program to train and keeps their employees at a seminar for about 10 hours to see if they were fully committed was a great idea. The only downfall is that after the seminar the employees might be a little tired with the way company does their business, but all around that shows that company that the candidate wasn't right for the job to begin with. Companies all around the world are starting to bring programs in to see how well an interviewee will gel with their current employees which helps their business to grow without hardships.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Team Work

Team projects are kind of difficult in college I am not going to lie. You might say I even despise them. It is very hard to get an entire group together to wrok on a project with so many different schedules and agendas. Most people in group work just dont want to come and meet, so they dont. On the other hand some people do not even have time most nights because of work, other classes or athletics. Concerning our group, I think this year in my business writing class, we have been able to do very well as a group and get a lot accomplished. Although we have had some instances where everyone has not been there but all in all we are able to do everything in time and at very high quality. In the future some things that might make the experience better is scheduling meetings when the team first gets together and make dates and times. Another idea is to send out e mails when the meetings are coming up. The problem of not coming to meetings seems to be the only mishap when it comes to college students and their studies. Hopefully these tips will help make our groups stronger.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

OH Halloween!

I love Halloween. I love the time of year where everything starts to change along with the leaves. Dont get me wrong, summer is my favorite, but i do love fall. And at the beginning of every fall is Halloween. It is awesome because evryone gets to dress up and look stupid and no one cares! This year for Halloween I was the devial and I had the best time. My freshmen year my room mates and me dressed up and trick or treated around Lightsey Bridge 2 and we got so many things. We at one point even got cupcakes. Halloween is the best time of year to be spooky and scary and everyone wants to get into the spirit.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


The interview that was conducted last week I thought was a great way to practice before having an interview for a real life job. Dressing up and being on time was a really key part of the interview which gave an idea of a very professional surrounding. It started out introducing me and telling the interviewee my name where I go to school and what I am currently doing in my personal life. I feel like I should improve on that part of my interview because I never say anything that shows credibility of why I should have to job I am interviewing for. I usually say something about track and I think I should say more about school. Next I was asked what type of achievements I have been awarded and why I would like the job.
The interview was very informative on what I should remember to say. One thing that I thought went very well was the question of what is my weakness. I have always wondered exactly what to say because you do not want to exactly give a bad trait. I have learned that u should say a trait that bothers u but not necessarily bad. An example would be being articulate. The interview was rather short but to the point. I am glad we did this in our class because it is a way to get your resume written and have an example of an interview.


I thought that the most interesting presentation was about building a keggerator for your house. What a weird thing to do a presentation on but very interesting. I always wondered what you could do to keep a keg cold but I never thought u could put in in a frig and make a tap on the outside. He did a really good job explaining every step while being extremely funny. One of the things that I loved about his presentation were his pictures on the slides and that he gave examples. He also explained his favorite things about his kegerrator which made it really funny.